Last Revision May 2, 2024



Elmira Home Comfort (Division of Belmont Appliance), hereafter referred to as EHC, employees will be available during store hours 1 to help load the Customer’s purchased appliance(s) into their vehicles and/or help unload old appliances that are no longer wanted.  All old appliances that are brought to the store for disposal, or that are removed during delivery, the Customer agrees to surrender all rights to those appliance(s) and cannot request for the appliance(s) and/or any parts back.  EHC employees have the right to refuse to load and/or unload a Customer’s appliance(s) if they have cause to believe that by doing so it will cause injury or damage to themselves, the Customer, and/or any persons, animals, or property, including vehicles and trailers, relating to the Customer.  

Scratch and dent, pre-owned, refurbished, clearance, and/or floor model appliance(s) do not have any packaging.  EHC will not provide any coverings, protective wrappings, and/or packaging materials (e.g. cardboard, styrofoam, tape, etc.) for these appliances.  If the Customer is picking up their appliance(s), it is the Customer’s responsibility to bring sufficient protective coverings for the appliance(s) and to secure the appliance(s) to their vehicle(s) and/or trailer(s).  If the Customer has paid for delivery, the delivery may be contracted out to an affiliated Delivery Company 2, and the Delivery Crew 3, under supervision of an EHC employee, will ensure the appliance(s) are loaded with the utmost care and any moving materials (e.g. blankets and straps) owned by the Delivery Company are used appropriately.  EHC cannot be held responsible for the method of unloading the appliance(s) that the Delivery Company chooses to use.

Due to limited storage space, all appliances are to be picked up and/or delivered within four (4) weeks from date of purchase.  EHC cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to any appliances while being held or after the appliance(s) leave the store’s property.  Appliance carts owned by EHC are not permitted to leave the property, and will not be lended out for any reason.



Deliveries begin at approximately 10:00 AM and continue until all scheduled deliveries for the day are completed4. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that they or a person aged 18 or older 5 is available on the day of delivery.  If our Delivery Crew Is unable to contact the Customer on the day of delivery, it may result in the delivery being postponed to another date when our Delivery Crew is in the area.  Due to unforeseen events (such as emergency deliveries, weather, traffic, etc.) it is impossible to give exact time windows as delivery routes may be altered throughout the day. Appliances can only be held up to four (4) weeks from the original date of purchase, and deliveries must be scheduled and completed within that time frame (excluding re-bookings based on unforeseen events). 

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure driveways and walkways are cleared (e.g. of snow and ice, vehicles, etc.) for the delivery.  If the Customer fails in this responsibility and thus impedes our Delivery Crew from delivering the appliance(s), the Customer may be subject to an Inconvenience Fee 6 and will have their delivery rescheduled. The Customer is responsible for measuring or getting the measurements of all the appliance(s) they intend to have delivered and their property (e.g., doorways, hallways, stairways, etc.) prior to delivery, to ensure the appliance(s) will fit in the Customer’s establishment.  

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their payment is completed in full prior to their delivery date.  All balances owing must be paid in full at least two (2) business days prior to delivery 7 or alternative delivery dates will be arranged.  EHC employees will do their best to contact the Customer for final payment prior to the delivery date, but this is only as a courtesy and does not alleviate the Customer’s responsibility as stated previously. 


The Delivery Crew will place the appliance(s) on the Customer’s driveway or in a garage.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that prior to the Delivery Crew’s arrival the driveway or garage has a clear spot to fit the appliance(s) being delivered and to have their old appliance(s) outside on the driveway or in the garage if the Customer has opted in for the removal service.  If the Customer fails to have someone home at the time of delivery, the Delivery Crew will either reschedule the delivery if the appliance(s) can not be safely left (e.g., due to inclement weather, fear of the appliance(s) being damaged or stolen, etc.) or deliver the appliance(s) if they are reasonably assured it is safe to do so.  Either the Delivery Crew or EHC will contact the Customer at the earliest opportunity to inform the Customer if the delivery cannot be completed (such as in the case of any of the given examples above) and will make alternate arrangements for delivery.  In the case that alternate delivery arrangements need to be made, the Customer may be charged an Inconvenience Fee.


Our Delivery Crew are required to wear their safety footwear at all times.  At least one (1) person 18 years of age or older is required to be at home for the delivery and that individual must accompany the Delivery Crew into the Customer’s establishment.  If the delivery is to a condominium, apartment building or other property that requires an elevator please ensure the elevator service is available on the day of delivery.   

Pin hinged doors can be removed by the Delivery Crew to complete delivery.  However, carpentry work (such as removing doorway moldings, banisters, etc.) or moving furniture will not be done by the Delivery Crew.  If such work is required for the appliances to be brought into the establishment, that is the responsibility of the Customer and must be completed in full prior to the Delivery Crew arriving.  Additional tasks that should be done prior to the Delivery Crew arriving include, but are not limited to: having a clear path inside the home to where the appliance(s) will be placed, removing all pictures or other items (breakable or not) in narrow hallways or stairs, etc.  The Delivery Crew can place down runners at the Customer’s request, but these are limited to the main level and will not be used on stairways due to the safety concerns.

The Delivery Crew maintains the right to alter the bring-in delivery to a driveway or garage delivery if they assess that by bringing the appliance(s) into the Customer’s property significant damage and/or injury could occur.  Once this decision is made by the Delivery Crew, the Customer will be informed that EHC will contact them to refund the difference owed.  If the Customer has opted in for their old appliance(s) to be removed by the Delivery Crew, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all appliance(s) to be removed are emptied and/or uninstalled prior to the Delivery Crew’s arrival.  

The Delivery Crew will not unhook and/or rehook up fridges and/or dryers with waterlines, dishwasher fill and/or drain hoses, or any appliances which need to be hardwired or that are natural gas or propane.  Customers are responsible for disconnecting all appliances prior to arrival of the Delivery Crew.  If the Customer does not have the appliance(s) ready to be removed, they understand that this could incur additional charges or may cause their delivery to be rescheduled.


If the Customer arranges for a Third Party 8 to pick up or deliver their appliance(s), EHC will not take responsibility for any appliance(s) once the appliance(s) have left the store’s property and have entered the possession of the Third Party.



If the Customer requests to place an appliance or appliances on hold, they are required to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit via E-Transfer, Cash, Debit, Visa, and/or Mastercard at the time of the request 9.  All held items must be picked up or delivered within four (4) weeks from the date of the deposit or the Customer forfeits the deposit and the appliance(s) will be returned to inventory.


Additional delivery fees, known as a “Del Upgrade Fee,” may be incurred during the delivery due to, but not limited to, unforeseen impediments, obstacles, and/or taking more time than anticipated.  This Del Upgrade Fee will be billed out after the delivery, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to provide prompt payment.  Delivery fees and Del Upgrade Fees will not be refunded after services have been rendered for any reason. 

If the Customer changes their delivery type (i.e. from Driveway or Garage Drop to a Local Bring In Delivery or vice versa) there will be a change to the delivery fee.  In the event that the Customer changes to the Local Bring In Delivery they will have to pay the additional charges.  In the event that the Customer changes to the Driveway or Garage Drop the difference will be refunded via e-transfer (if available) or a cheque will be mailed to the address on the invoice.

An Inconvenience Fee may be incurred if the customer knowingly or unknowingly impedes the Delivery Crew from fulfilling the delivery (e.g., by not removing snow from driveways or walkways, by not leaving a way for the Delivery Crew to enter the property, etc.).  This fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Store Manager but will not exceed the original delivery fee.  This fee must be paid prior to rebooking the delivery.  If the Customer refuses to pay this fee, EHC will refund the appliance(s) less outstanding fees either by e-transfer (if available) or a cheque will be mailed to the address on the invoice.


All appliances are subject to a Restock Fee that will not exceed 20% of the price of the appliance(s) 10.  The Customer has seven (7) business days from the date of acquisition to appeal to have the appliance(s) restocked.  Appeals must go through the Store Manager of EHC and may be refused without explanation.  Outside of this 7-day window, the Customer must go through the appliance(s) warranty to determine further action.


All appliances purchased from EHC are provided with either a manufacturer’s warranty or a store warranty.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to exhaust the warranty provided with their appliance(s) before inquiring about the return procedure.  Should the Customer choose not to go through the warranty of their appliance(s) they understand that EHC maintains the right to refuse to return and/or refund the appliance(s) in question.  It is at the Customer’s expense to return the appliance(s) to EHC.  If the Customer is unable to arrange for the return of the appliance(s) they can choose to pay for EHC to book a Delivery Crew to return the appliance(s).

Returned appliances are subject to inspection by a EHC or Belmont Appliance employee prior to refunds being approved.  If approved, refunds will be processed via e-transfer (if available) or a cheque will be mailed to the address on the invoice.  Customers should expect refunds to be processed within 14 business days.



EHC and/or Belmont Appliance cannot be held responsible if the Customer’s vehicle, property, and/or the vehicle(s) or property of persons relating to the Customer are damaged while moving, loading, unloading, delivering and/or unhooking/rehooking/installing appliance(s).


EHC cannot be held responsible if the Customer and/or persons and/or animals relating to the Customer incur injury from moving, loading, and/or unloading the appliance(s) or continue their actions against the advice of EHC and/or Belmont Appliance employees.

If injury to the Delivery Crew does occur and is directly or indirectly the cause of something done by the Customer, the Customer’s vehicle, or any property or persons and/or animals relating to the Customer, EHC and/or Belmont Appliance may hold the customer responsible for the pain and suffering of the Delivery Crew. 



These appliances have a warranty provided through the brand’s manufacturer, not EHC.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to contact the correct manufacturer to have their appliance serviced by an authorized technician:

  • Whirlpool, Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, Inglis:  1-800-807-6777
  • Frigidaire, Electrolux:  1-800-265-8352
  • General Electric, Moffat, Haier:  1-877-994-5366
  • Epic, Stirling Marathon:  519-837-9777
  • Danby:  1-800-263-2629
  • Huebsch:  1-800-361-0799


Belmont Appliance provides a 30-day parts and labour local warranty on all pre-owned and refurbished appliances sold by EHC.  This local warranty is effective as of the date the appliance enters the Customer’s possession (i.e., the date the Customer picks it up or the date the appliance is delivered).

If a warranty call is placed, the appliance must either be in the local service zone to be honoured, or must be returned to EHC to be serviced under this warranty 11.  Any appliance that is to be serviced needs to be properly assembled before any work will commence (e.g. if a panel was removed then the panel must be reattached).  The Customer is not required to have Belmont Appliance service their pre-owned and/or refurbished appliance(s).  However, work done by outside individuals or technicians will not be covered under this warranty and will void any remaining warranty. 


By continuing with the purchase, the Customer acknowledges that they have read and understood all of the above information and have asked any clarifying questions to be comfortable in proceeding.

Upon submission of payment, this becomes a legally binding agreement between EHC, Belmont Appliance, the Customer and any persons relating to the Customer.


  1. Store hours are subject to change without notice.
  2. Delivery Company does not refer to a single outside company, and may be one of several that EHC contracts with in order to provide delivery service to the Customer.
  3. Delivery Crew may refer to employees of EHC, Belmont Appliance, and/or of a Delivery Company
  4. Deliveries may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Delivery Crew for reasons such as weather, unforeseen delays, etc.
  5. If the Customer so chooses, they may allow a person younger than 18 years of age but older than 14 years of age to be their Representative for the delivery, however EHC and/or Belmont Appliance cannot take responsibility if the Representative of the Customer provides misinformation to the Delivery Crew, resulting in misplacement of appliances or is the direct or indirect cause of damage to the appliance(s) and/or property, and/or results in the injury of persons and/or animals during the delivery.
  6. Fees may be altered at the discretion of the Manager(s) of EHC and/or Belmont Appliance and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  7. This excludes orders that are to be billed out at the end of the month and/or known landlord accounts.  Additional exceptions may be made by the Manager(s) of EHC and/or Belmont Appliance.
  8. The term “Third Party” may refer, but is not limited to: a friend, relative, acquaintance or a company of the Customer’s choosing.
  9. This Deposit may be waived at the discretion of the EHC staff or if the Customer is either a frequent purchaser or has a known landlord account.
  10. Exceptions may be made but that is at the discretion of EHC or Belmont Appliance employees.
  11. In the case that the appliance must be returned to EHC to be serviced under warranty, it is to be done either by the Customer or at the Customer’s expense and is not the responsibility of EHC and/or Belmont Appliance.